About Q N Q

Q N Q Enterprise Pte Ltd is established on 2011 in the Republic of Singapore as a distributor, as well as an importer and exporter of quality fresh vegetables and fruits of the highest standard. Q N Q's customers include wholesalers, resellers, retail outlets, markets, restaurants, ship chandlers and other wholesale distributors. Q N Q also operates a fleet of refrigerated trucks for customer deliveries.

Q N Q Enterprise Pte Ltd sources a significant portion of Singapore's vegetables and fruits internationally across Asia, from countries like China, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Holland, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Q N Q also exports to other parts of the world like China, Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

Our vegetables and fruits are checked by the quality inspector in compliance with Singapore's strict import and export standards before they are sent out to suppliers. With our vast experience of regional and seasonal climatic variations, we are well qualified to select top quality vegetables and fruits from each area in accordance with the international requirements. The agricultural and market specialists working with us insist upon the optimal picking time and packing requirements of our clients' countries. Any special requirement will be available upon request, and we will do our utmost to fulfill our clients' requirements.

Q N Q is constantly striving to increase the company's energy efficiency, quality and to be more environmentally friendly. Our goal is to provide the highest quality vegetables and fruits to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our products and services, to represent the high quality of our standards and reliability.